Friday, September 08, 2006

Seasons Change

God I feel like rigamortis has set in!! I'm so stiff and sore....probably from the lack of yoga. I haven't run since last Saturday...this just occurred to me today. The weekend seemed pretty busy, I took Monday off to chill....same on Tuesday...went for a short swim and bike ride on wed.
Yesterday when I arrived at the pool for a lunchtime was closed! New fall schedule, I'll have to get there before 1pm....which means getting to work earlier....aaaarg!
I re-opened my YMCA membership and so I'll have access to their indoor pool, yoga and other classes which will make life more convenient.

M appears to be settling into her new routine, she seems to have gotten over any concerns regarding getting "cheated" by having to be in a 4th/5th combined class. Her teacher seems to have the right combination of warmth and smarts.
I'm not exactly sure how the teacher divides her time between the two grades, but M assures me that the 5th graders have the sweeter set-up.....which has me wondering.....I have a few questions for back to school night.

Oh yeah, I'm getting my hair cut today. Taking up to 3 inches off, shooting for a shorter more manageble "bob" style, one that will require less blow drying time, but long enough for the I-don't-have-time -to-do-anything-else-ponytail. I have my hair chemically relaxed and now that I'm graying more and more around my hairline, it's way noticeable when I strutt the ponytail...needless to say relaxing and dyeing on top of swimming is wreaking havoc on my already damaged hair.

Some days I just want to go all butch and shave my head!