Sunday, June 24, 2007

Stuff I'm Learning

running has opened up a whole new world for me. registering for the big race in october has inspired me, motivated me, and scared the crap out of me many many times . but something has changed. instead of freaking out and feeling overwhelmed (though i'm quite sure i'm not completely done with that!) i'm starting to learn a few things, i'm gaining experience, figuring out the right questions, and starting to trust myself more.

some of the best information i ever received regarding foot care was during a weekend backpacking trip with the girl scouts a few years back. it has helped me recognize the warning signs and keep any major problems at bay.

ultrarunner's know a thing or two about foot care and i'm always learning something new from them.

i'm no expert and everybody has to figure out what works best for them but over the past few months i've been making little changes here and there and as my mileage is going up i'm being hyper careful to not let the warning signs go unnoticed.

so far this seems to be working for me.

- keep toenails trimmed
--slather feet with between the toes too!
-carry a few first aide supplies, anti-biotic ointment and duct tape,

hydration has been an ongoing learning process for me. i'm coming to the realization that i can't rely on how i feel. in my various readings (i'd give credit where it's due, buttttt..don't recall) "drink a little allot" instead of a few gulps every 20 minutes or so i've been taking a small sip every 10 minutes.

i'm currently experimenting with socks. thinner socks are recommended for warmer weather but i've tended to go thick. today i'm taking my new shoes on a long run and will have to just see what happens with the lighter socks.

i had been experiencing pain on the top of my foot and determined that i was tieing my shoes too tight evidenced in the ripped out eyelet of the Hurricanes! so i need to take time early on to lace up right and to STOP along the way to readjust as the foot expands.

it's not like i'm racing for time or place i can pullover take care of things and just be smart. i AM my crew and if i don't take care of myself who will?

i bought a pair of gators awhile back, there kinda lame and boring unlike the ones from DirtyGirlGaiters...these are khaki gators from REI and i haven't used them yet. i'm having to pullover and remove small rocks and debris more often as i go longer so today i'll use the REI gators and see how that goes.

nutrition is in need of attention. last night i ate pasta and this morning i ate oatmeal and a banana like i always do before a race...except i haven't been racing much just training so i've been slacking on the pre-race regime. i need to eat more like i'm racing early on and not just the week before. i can't seem to handle too much in the way of solids. i prefer Gu and go back and forth between plain water, gatorade and Gu20. i carry something salty and will munch on solids when i take walk breaks.

sunscreen is tricky. yesterday i ran without a hat and put sunscreen on my face....which was a drag because as i sweated the sunscreen got into my left eye which was annoyingly painful. i was sporting braids that looked funny under my hat.
can't i look good and be well protected. must it always be a compromise???....i know such a dork!

ok, time to hit the trails. lately my runs have felt like a good way...i sure wish i could get college credit ...wouldn't that be cool!