Saturday, October 21, 2006

San Francisco Summer

I met Kelly at Inspiration Point and we did the run I did last weekend. She was impressed. The weather was ALOT warmer this 7:30 am the usual morning chill was absent....we were in for a warm run. This was my first long run with a partner. I have to admit being chatty the first couple of miles did make it go by faster.....we we're alot less social during the hilly portions.

The visibility was glorious. The Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco Skyline were crystal clear, just stunning. Again Kelly was impressed , as this was her first time on this part of the trail. We spread out over the course of Belgium Trail...I forged ahead on the hills Kelly would catch up and pass me on the flats. We managed to find the right balance of social and alone time.

We finished in just under 3.0 hrs.......I walked and stopped to stretch more often this time. I headed over to the Y for a quick dip ....once in the locker room I realized I forgot my cap and goggle...GUH!!! So the swim was super short and I hopped over to the jacuzzi before showering.

I notice a few twinges in my left knee. I pushed harder on Wednesday's track session and I think that might of had an effect on the fatigue factor.....and the warmer weather certainly made things more challenging. I was way more tired today compared to last week.

So for any of you guy's here in the bay area....enjoy the good weather and get outside now!!!!