Wednesday, January 02, 2008


i'm SICK of being sick!

i went for a short walk around the neighborhood, brandy and M really needed to get out in the worse way too. changing the sheets is enough to cause me to break a sweat. i'm generally a very healthy person. i get run down for a day or two and then it's over but i'm beginning to feel like this flu from hell is never going to end. i make a very bad patient. i'm starting to pick at solid food now but everything tastes like ass.

i informed work i'd not be returning until next monday. another colleague is out as well and while i feel bad that my boss can't take a couple of days off as she planned i'm in no shape to work with sick people. the queen's got to step up when the worker bee's are falling to the way side.

it's not like i can hide in some cubicle behind a desk, it's hard to keep a safe distance when your hauling sick patients out of bed, getting them to perform their own self care. half the case load from a week ago was admitted the acute hospital.

i'd like to get out for another walk tomorrow before the weather kicks in, preferably somewhere forested. the fumes from the neighboring refinery were so bad today which was why the walk earlier was so brief. my car was in concord getting it's windshield replaced, but it's back now so i'll try to get to Tilden tomorrow before it rains. i actually have grown to like hiking and running in the rain but it doesn't seem like the wise thing to do just now.