Wednesday, June 20, 2007

how do you eat a whale?

one bite at a time.

i need to remind myself of this every so often, especially as i dissect this golden hills route. beautiful, scenic, serene, blah, blah, blah.....this goddamn thing is going to kill me.

at least that's how i felt as i dragged my sorry ass to back to my car this AFTERNOON...mind you i started around 10:00 am and didn't get back to my car until close to 3:00 pm covering only 14 miles people!

today i returned to Redwood to learn miles 11-18 of the route. i brought Brandy along so i would have a good excuse to take it easy. i mostly just wanted to figure out where i got lost last time.

last attempt i missed the Chown i found it but turned right when i should of gone left. unfortunately for me i covered a fair bit of uphill and had to go around a few fallen trees on the trail before realizing my mistake.

in hindsight, the fallen trees should've tipped me off...but noooooooo, i just hiked around the pile of debris and kept on going probably a good half mile before coming to a marker that made it clear that i had gotten off course...again.

i can say with full confidence that this trail marathon debut of mine is more likely gonna play out like a mini ultra race because I AM DYSLEXIC!!!!