Saturday, November 03, 2007

Gutless Wonder

as in where the hell did my abdominal strength go?

i went to a pilates class this morning. it was kinda like yoga ...on crack.
of course my newbiness didn't go unnoticed when my mat was the only one facing the wrong direction and the instructor asked me to turn it around and then asked if there was anyone new to pilates(uh, wasn't it obvious?) i just grinned and nodded my head and said "uh, yeah" which seemed to amuse quite a few people. once a class clown always a class clown.

this is the second time i've attended a pilates class, the last time was like a year ago. it's similar to yoga but not. the tempo was quick and by the time i figured out one move she was onto the next. surprisingly i wasn't annoyed and i just hung in there trying to keep up.

at times it felt like nothing was happening at all, i felt like a dork during the "pulsing" arms part but that quickly turned into feeling like a complete wimp when trying to curl back up from supine to sitting without lifting my feet off the floor.... and don't think my rock and swoosh move went unnoticed by the instructor who humorously pointed out it wasn't a gymnastic "stick it" kind of move and suggested i place my hands on the back of my thighs.

after thursday's lunch time run i did 20 measly crunches on the physio ball.
20 not 30 or 50 or 100 ... 20! i'm still slightly sore.

so this pilates business has me intrigued. it's very subtle and it really challenges me to pay closer attention.