Tuesday, April 10, 2007

This is going to get easier, right?

my day started with a phone call from my boss asking if i would work at another facility today and tomorrow...my options were to work 10 hrs at this facility or to split 8 hrs between 2 buildings. after i stopped laughing hysterically....i said i'd work at the other facility for 8 hours.

i had previously already agreed to work in this building on wed to make up for taking yesterday off.....but knowing that this other building is really busy i was concerned about how i would fit my 6 miler in and still get to work by 6 am. anyhoo, when i arrived at the other building this morning i was happy to see that the manager brought in another OT to work as well and that my caseload wasn't too heavy because that meant i could run my 6 miler after work instead of 4 am tommorrow.

my attitude about running fluctuates constantly. sure i'll moan and groan about it especially when it's inconvinient. but i will say when a run is at risk of being dropped or messed with i usually find whatever reserves are necessary to make it happen. and so was the case this afternoon.

tomorrow is also suppose to be stormy giving me a little more incentive to get my tail out there after work.

seems i'm slower and slower. (6.02 miles 1:10) and it takes longer for the stride to loosen up. i guess that goes with change of conditions and running longer. i can't say i'm HAPPY about running in the afternoon but circumstances dictated some flexibility. i'm not going to be too concerned with speed or time on these afternoon runs.

on the upside, running in the afternoon allows me to stretch more and take longer showers.

but it still sucks.