Saturday, June 23, 2007

It's a Beautiful Thing

i didn't mention it but during the hike on wednesday the eyelet on my shoes, montrail hurricanes ripped off. i had to relace and wrap the lace around my ankle, good thing i wear over the ankle socks. i noticed that the other one on the other shoe was starting to go too. today i was able to exchange them for a brand new pair at REI.

i haven't had any complaints up til now with these shoes and chose to stay with them. i will definitely be going through another pair or two between now and october, and i have wanted to try out vasque trail shoes but these are good for now.

life schedule is not cooperating with run schedule and so i only ran 8 miles(a FANTASTIC run to the berkeley marina, all blue and sunny) today. i did hike 14 miles on wednesday, i ran probably 3-4 miles of it but mostly hiked.....that's gotta count for something, no?

the garmin needs updating and since it's a borrowed tool i'm waiting for mia to find the other plug ...however with my B-Day coming up i've made it crystal clear to T what i want i may have my own garmin quite soon. for now i'm just running familiar routes and guesstamating my mileage. as much as i am jonesing not having those numbers on my wrist to keep me informed i'm still happy to be running. how could i not be on a day like today?