Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hump Day

after a rather raucos send-off to school i'm still steaming about the fact a certain someone refuses only to be concerned about school supplies and homework whereabouts moments before it's time to leave! clearly i have failed to instill any sense of responcibility or ownership.

just read dianna's amazing report. i think they should name an energy bar or Gu after her, orange flavored of course.

the sun is out i have a hilly 6 miler to run.

Mission Accomplished and then some

GHM race route

8.51 miles in 2:03:16

i forgot the map thanks to the drama earlier this morning.....i almost forgot Brandy and had to run back in the house for her.

she's in need of a better hydration system. a water bottle inside a plastic grocery bag tied to her harness is not gonna cut it when she starts putting in double digits with me.

i went a bit further today than on Sunday and determined that the paved road is a park utility road and NOT skyline ridge. i turned around at the 4 mile mark and retraced my steps to a fork in the road....again no trail markings so i proceeded cautiosly for a quarter mile or so.....straight down. from the looks of this part of the trail i could expect to end up in some canyon somewhere so i turned around and headed back to the main trail.

as i was climbing my way to the top i had an epiphany of sorts. spring really is the perfect time for training. the cool March breezes gently coaxed me up the massive hill. in time my body will adapt and my lungs, my heart, and my legs will get stronger and as the seasons change i will have changed too.

the hills are green. lupine, poppies and so many others scatterd along the way. i feel like i've only scratched the surface of this journey. just taking my time and savoring every minute.