Saturday, July 17, 2010

Feels like TRI-SPIRIT

so it's official as of yesterday i received the email confirming that  triclub with the Y is on. Coach Nancy has the teams sight set on the santa cruz tri in mid september....i checked out last years results in my age group and the slowest swimmer was under 40 mins.....compared to my glacial 50:50 swim at pac grove that would definitely have me being trampled by the following age groupers. honestly, i'd being lying if i said i didn't care about being last but swimming isn't my strong suit, i'm good enough to participate and that  is good enough. i swim for recovery and cross training not for technical expertise or speed.  the swim leg of the race is really a warm-up for the other business of the day.this season i'm focusing on ride/run bricks, my theory is these will make the run fun again not like last years death march!

i have a couple of weeks to decide but i think instead of Santa Cruz i want to do Marin County Tri's more expensive but it's close so i won't have travel and deal with a hotel and it's on cool is that?  i've been slow to warm-up to racing but i'm starting to get the tri-spirit.