Sunday, November 13, 2011

zen runner

and while running is never effortless i have been revisiting an old copy of chi of running and  trying a couple things out.  my knee still bothers me and i probably can attribute it to being heavier vs my shoes.  meeting up with kate this morning for an easy 3 mile trail run .

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Running for Me

It's been quiet around here for awhile.  I had to get a grip and figure out a few ongoing process  for sure.  the one thing i know is that there is an inner athlete in me but true to form the conventional path is always a rocky one for me.  Running for the sake of running hardly seems blogworthy....but i'm figuring out that i don't need to be training for a race or building my mileage or working on my freestyle to feel good about exercising.  i tend to be high strung and with a stressful job i need some form of activity to blow off steam...the last few months i've been running just to unwind and it's ok.