Saturday, December 12, 2009


i'm just not feeling it this year.

doing a pretty good job at faking it though. the tree is up and a few bits of Christmas are strewn about the house. i even put in my 2 cents when one of my sister-in-laws suggested that we NOT do secrete santa this year...give me a break! even i with no x-mas spirit at all this year can get it up for far as i know no one is destitute in our family and keeping it under twenty bucks seems reasonable. this year T came home the biggest ass wreath i've ever seen....completely dominates the door....that's my man for ya bigger is better.

M and i did a 5k last month...her 1st! she decided to go last minute with me and my friend Monica and her dtr. Brianna. she's been keeping me to my word to get us to the Y 3x's a week and has been working hard on building her endurance and wants to do another 5k....which we will be at the end of january.

my running has mainly taken place at the Y and i have been trying to work more on core strengthening. at the moment my right trap is KILLLING me...i think i may have strained myself on the inversion table while rotating side to side with a 6 lb. medi-ball.

i hosted Thanksgiving this year and to be honest it fell a little flat. i really have no desire to see these people again for Christmas. T and M will drop off gifts on Christmas Eve....while i'm at work and Christmas morning we're driving to Gardnerville for a White Christmas with friends. looking forward to snow shoeing for the first time and maybe just maybe the spirit of the season will take hold. in the meantime i'm faking my way through a few hand made gifts and will take a crack at gingerbread.