Sunday, November 05, 2006

1st Negative Split!!

No bike ride far that could still happen later in the day with the family. The truth is I need to go longer in order to get a real workout on the bike and I'm not that confident in my "emergency roadside capabilities" to venture too far from home on my own. The group rides are just not happening. I seem to be a flake magnet....whatever people are busy, I know. I should spend time practicing how to change a tire and using the Co2 cartridges......last attempt didn't pan out so well....again whatever!

I headed up to Redwood this morning... a bit later than usual, so the by the time I arrived in the parking lot it was evident by the warm temps. that I wasn't going to need my long sleeved shirt. I brought a short sleeved one just in case and I changed in the parking lot.............also made sure to lube up in all the right places!!

I took it pretty slow the first half....I even stopped to void and take off the my shirt as I was getting overheated by this point. The trail had been recently groomed and it was pure pleasure to run on. I'm pretty sure they reduced the incline on some ...because it felt...less steep. Just to clarify this was in no way an easy run it just felt a little easier at times.

I cranked it up the second half and knocked a minute off my time. 40 mins out and 39 mins back. Not bad for 8 miles, woohoo!