Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Change of Plans

so it would appear that i was a tad bit hasty when deciding on the venue for my first marathon. Bizz Johnson sounds like a fantastic race but i'm feeling anxious about the altitude....not to mention logistics. given how stressed out i can get just travelling a few miles from home, i don't think i'm ready to take it on the road yet.

my research on the altitude has been confusing at best. my only experience with running in altitude was a couple of years back when i was visiting up in garderville, nv. hiking around up there never phased me but 10 minutes on the treadmill was surprisingly hard.

a marathon is a BIG DEAL, especially my first. i think it's ok to cut bizz johnson loose and am now looking at another local trail race to be my first. the golden hills trail marathon is held oct. 13 right in my own backyard and makes way more sense.

i was really excited about the bizz johnson, i just hadn't thoroughly considered all the details...being somewhat impulsive. the last few nights i have tossed and turned not at the prospect of covering 26.2 miles but of bonking at altitude. i was too quick to register for the bizz johnson and will lose the $70.00 fee but in the end i would've spent even more on travel and accomodations.

oh well live and learn.