Sunday, July 05, 2009

making it up as i go

it was time to inject a little fun into my training today. i wanted to go for an easy run so i headed for the BART trail. i wanted to keep things flat so i could try some fartlek. before i knew it i was at the pivotal turn that leads towards the Marina and quite a few lovely hills. i opted to go left and see what would happen. cruising towards COSTCO there are a number of side streets that are all pretty hilly. i then decided to do a few hill repeats. short but rather steep i pushed hard and recovered longer before repeating. i did this 4xs.

then on towards COSTCO again i slowed down for a good ways until i got past Golden Gate Fields and ran inland towards San Pablo. i would pick a landmark and alternated between running fast and walking the last mile or so. i ran a total of 5 miles averaging an 11:30 pace.

i got home and grabbed a quick bite and then swam for 40 minutes working on some drills and finally swimming 300 yds non-stop.

i'm taking a break at the moment, but the work continues as i tackle my disgusting kitchen floor. bleh! i'd rather be on the bike.