Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spirit Renewed

today i ran the first 3.5 miles of golden hills marathon route. after yesterdays downpour the first mile or so was a bit muddy. i detoured to hit the porta potty and scrape the mud off my shoes at inspiration point. i then crossed wild canyon rd. to seaview trail. i had never been on this part of the trail before and i was excited to be discovering more of my beloved Tilden Park.

from the base of seaview trail it was a straight up. i jogged until i couldn't anymore. i looked up only occasionaly...i slowed to a shuffle and then eventually walked the rest of the way to summit.

i gued for the first time removed my outer shirt and asked a few hikers if i was on the right track to skyline ridge....i got a resounding "we think so" i had a map and i felt like i was on the right path so after taking in a spectacular view of the san francisco skyline i continued along seaview towards what i hoped would turn into skyline ridge.

at around 3.5 miles the trail turned into a road. i wish i would have asked the park utilty vehicle i saw coming towards me where skyline ridge was but i had to head back in order to get to a birthday party in Livermore at 12:30. so reluctantly i turned around. i covered a little over 7 miles in 1:48

i can't wait to go back. being up there was good for my soul today. trails bring out the best in me and i came off the mountain today with a renewed sense of purpose and focus for my marathon training. after 1 nothing special run, 2 supremely sucky runs and 3 days off this week i was due a good run. today rocked.

on the way back i noticed a couple of mature ladies plodding their way towards the summit. one glanced up and half smiled the other looked more like what i imagined i did earlier:) nose to the time for eyecontact..LOL!! i wondered if they were training for Golden Hills. i hope i see them again.