Sunday, November 18, 2007

x-mas comes early

i forgot that the gym wouldn't be opened till 2pm today. i was hoping to catch my usual restorative yoga class. so i took brandy to a smaller neighborhood dog park instead. she wasn't very friendly to a few of the other dog's while she had her ball in her mouth, but got on well as far as chasing and being chased.

i met the most obnoxious old lady there. have you ever had a conversation with someone who was totally contrary? i could not connect with this woman on even the minorest of points. after about 5 minutes i politely excused myself and we took a slightly longer route home.

when i got back, T surprised me by asking me if i was ready to go laptop shopping. the gateway was on sale and honestly i didn't really have much more than what i wanted to do with it on my criteria list. anticipation is making me nuts! as i type this the geek squad is setting up it up with software.