Saturday, July 07, 2007

inspiration of another kind

todays 3 miler and wednesdays 4 miler is all the running i've done this week. M and i met up with my cousins at the boardwalk in santa cruz for some fun in the sun. the weather was beautiful. i hit a few rides but mostly doodled while i waited for the family to go on rides. i was so inspired by the bright colors and beachy boardwalk vibe. i jotted down several ideas for future quilt and fabric designs. i think if i was brave at all i'd really pursue a career in textiles. i.LOVE.them.

on wedenesday T joined us and we headed over to Monterey Bay Aquarium. i really like turles, i'm especially fond of the Leatherback. i found a really interesting book about them, Voyage of the Turtle by Carl Safina. while the book is certainly written from the perspective of a scientist, the narrative style is totally readable and engaging. from the moment the creature is born life is a full on struggle. the power and strength of these animals cannot be denied.

tonight T and i are going with his sister and her boyfriend to listen to zydeco music at Ashkenaz, a world music venue here in berkeley...should be fun AND we have backstage passes to the green room.

getting out the door was hard. the first 1/2 mile or so was stiff and my right lower calf is still tight. with brandy in tow i had to pay extra attention to her not veering off after wind swept leaves. still i pushed the hill on lower marine and maintained a sub 10 minute mile.

on the way home from santa cruz, we stopped off at Bamboo Giant and added 2 more fine specimens to our growing bamboo forest. they didn't fare very well on the trip home and we had to splint quite a few of them. working with T on saving the bamboo was exciting, we both just dove into the project and both wondered out loud how cool it would be to have a nursery.

the Giant Bamboo in Aptos was awesome and inspiring as well. with every kind of Bamboo imaginable. T let the vendor know that the plants didn't do well on the trip home and they are going to compensate us and we worked out a good deal for 2 more....which will be properly shipped. T has always had the green thumb in the family but i seem to be getting a knack for it too. i've planted a few different flowers with my patients back in april in the patio off the rehab gym that are starting to bud and the other day a patient brought me a scrawny mint plant for "rehab"...too funny, no?