Friday, June 22, 2007

Ahh Summer is here!

my hamstrings are still a bit tight from wednesday's killer hike ...Brandy was feeling it big time too. extra food and a massage got me back in her good graces...she's hobbling around a bit but wagging that crazy tail of hers ready for whatever i can dish out....she's a great trail companion.

between yesterday's lunchtime swim (400 yards) and this mornings easy 3 miler i do feel alot better, though as i said i'm tight specifically in the biceps femoris . self massage right on the hot spots seems to be helping.

it wasn't until i got to the pool yesterday that i realized it was the first day of summer and that means this is my final week as a 43 year old. i'm feeling stronger and fitter (even when i'm draging my tired butt back to the car, the fact that i can still play HARD is encouraging) than last year and all i have to say to 44 is: