Sunday, January 27, 2008

i really shouldn't be here right now

but because any self respecting procrastinator knows that before you can really dig into the meat of the matter, in my case doing housework AND homework, there's trimming and prepping that must occur first.

looking at the mountain of stuff that has occupied my dining room table for oh uhm, ever.....i'm now thinking that the kitchen island will be my study area. it's the one room that i seem to keep tidy and it's far away enough from the living room that i can concentrate and co-exist with M's marathon viewing's of "Jon and Kate makes 8." lately she's been pulling the "why am i an only child?" card, to which i calmly reply,
"because knowing ones limits is a good thing and kid your it!"

i recently finished reading "Eat, Pray, Love" by elizabeth gilbert...which i thoroughly enjoyed..turns out it was a nice segue for the topic of discussion in yesterday's anthropology class. gilberts travels take her Indonesia, a country i knew literally nothing about before reading her story. in class, we watched and discussed a film on Papua New Guinea. gilbert described the cerominies and customs she observed and much of it was similar to what i saw in yesterdays class. i think it's kinda cool when that happens, seemingly unrelated acts that turn out to compliment eachother. making connections is awesome.

still, as fascinating as it all was in class yesterday. it's a class, and i'm a little more than intimidated at the prospect of writing college essays. i'm not uptight really or even anxious but i'm definitely not in my comfort zone....and that's usually a good sign. it means i'm about to learn something new. learning to swim comes to mind.

if pain is weakness leaving the body than i can reasonably assume that the discomfort i'm feeling now is new knowledge trying to enter my brain, right? i'll keep this in mind during monday night math class.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Stressing Less

nothing like a little sun and some caffeine to turn your running around. i'm enjoying my coffee ritual once again and i was sooooo happy to see patches of sun on this mornings little 4 miler. oh happy day!!

my dear sweet mia's recent post got me to thinking how we (myself very much included)invite unnecessary drama into our fitness efforts by self imposed pressure to perform, inspire or just plain put a dent into "the goals".

i was telling her how i stopped writing in the blog as i face my own struggles with getting back into some sort of routine and i had to ask myself why? i like coming here and writing about my life not just my running life. i like the challenge of putting into words my take on it all. i write more in a private journal but i also like making connections with other bloggers and well i just don't think you have to be a hard core athlete in training to be here.

i'm really happy with today's efforts, everything felt good and the good bit of stretching afterwards felt great. PLUS the 30 minute walk with Brandy afterwards burned another 161 calories.

no pressure just easy forward motion.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

where is the sun?

i ran outside today and i'm sad to report that it wasn't as enjoyable as the run on the treadmill..gasp...can't quite believe it myself really. it's just this junk lingering in my chest made sucking in the cold air quite unpleasant.

while the rain has let up it's still cold and gray, (normally two conditions i prefer during a run) i miss the sun!! oh well, at least i got out there and worked up a sweat. getting back on track is not without it's aches and pains, the slight soreness in my quads from wednesday's run is a gentle reminder that i will not be picking up where i left of any time soon.

it's not uncommon when your ill to revert back to things that are familiar. you see it allot in the elderly, often times they'll revert back to their native language when there defenses are down and they are on the the mend. i find something similar happening to me. when i first started running. i did the popular walk-run program. i didn't have any of the gadgets or gear i have now. i never took the dog. things were fairly simply: walk a minute run a few more. i did this for several weeks until i was running longer and walking less. pretty much since the race last october i've returned to less structured runs. and since getting sick with the FLU FROM HELL and trying to get back on track, i find that the less "stuff" involved the more likely i'll actually run.

plodding along the BART trail this morning i left the gadgets and the dog behind because i didn't want to know how slow i was going and i really don't have the energy (or patience!) to include Brandy on runs around the neighborhood right now, i'm tired and cranky and just don't want to deal with all her distractions during the run so i just walk her afterwards.

getting out there and doing something is major accomplishment
right now.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

1st workout of 2008!

procrastination is a funny thing. i tend over think the simplest things which inevitably causes more delays so instead of trying to figure out the best way to get back on track with running i snuck up on it by putting yoga on the front burner.

it's normally a 90 minute class. i parked several blocks away in a 2 hour space for free then walked to the gym ARMED WITH MY OWN YOGA MAT, AS I'VE BECOME A GERM PHOBIC. i did restorative yoga for 45 minutes then hit the treadmill for 30 minutes. it felt so good to be running again, even at a 13 minute pace. with SNOW PATROL blasting in my ipod it was the best goddamn treadmill run i've had in a long time. woohoo!

so tonight i met with my school counselor and i'll be taking bone head math and anthropology 3. it's only 6 of the recommended 12 units they suggest in order to obtain your AA in 5 semesters, but i know me and math and it's going to require extra effort so justifiably i will NOT be adding sociology, history and english to the mix. once the math courses are behind me i can carry a heavier load. my math class is 7-10 pm on mondays (ugh) and the anthropology class is 8-5 pm on saturdays, luckily we only have 6 clasess.

i was watching a very interesting program on public television about the brain and it's plasticity. it was encouraging to hear that you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Monday, January 07, 2008


i finally got back to work today however i have yet to get back to working out. i am seriously deconditioned!

not even near perfect running conditions, chilliscious air with the sun peeking through big puffy white clouds is doing much to coax me outside today.

i miss drinking coffee and i think it may have something do with the demise of my exercise mojo...that and the fact that i've turned into a lazy cow.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


i'm SICK of being sick!

i went for a short walk around the neighborhood, brandy and M really needed to get out in the worse way too. changing the sheets is enough to cause me to break a sweat. i'm generally a very healthy person. i get run down for a day or two and then it's over but i'm beginning to feel like this flu from hell is never going to end. i make a very bad patient. i'm starting to pick at solid food now but everything tastes like ass.

i informed work i'd not be returning until next monday. another colleague is out as well and while i feel bad that my boss can't take a couple of days off as she planned i'm in no shape to work with sick people. the queen's got to step up when the worker bee's are falling to the way side.

it's not like i can hide in some cubicle behind a desk, it's hard to keep a safe distance when your hauling sick patients out of bed, getting them to perform their own self care. half the case load from a week ago was admitted the acute hospital.

i'd like to get out for another walk tomorrow before the weather kicks in, preferably somewhere forested. the fumes from the neighboring refinery were so bad today which was why the walk earlier was so brief. my car was in concord getting it's windshield replaced, but it's back now so i'll try to get to Tilden tomorrow before it rains. i actually have grown to like hiking and running in the rain but it doesn't seem like the wise thing to do just now.