Thursday, June 03, 2010


so i'vebeen off work for close to a week, finaly getting around to a bazillion little projects around the house. i decided to move my sewing studio into the dining room. i wasn't entirely satisfied with the space i'd been
renting, it was never quite big enough and once a project started to grow i'd have to schlep it home anyways. T and a friend helped me move out of the studio on Sunday and between sprucing up the garden i've been busily reorganizing fabric and notions. i took down the bamboo shade on the east side and watched the sunlight fill the formerly dark space. it completely changed the whole look and feel. i've been working on a couple of baby quilts and am itching to start a bigger project now that i have the space.

i'm determined to keep active despite my sedentary hobby. on my 3rd cup of coffee while surfing a quilting website a pop up ad caught my eye...something about keeping active and osteoporosis. just the nudge i needed to get out the door. it was a good 20 minutes before i settled into a rhythm...the hot muggy weather didn't help. on tuesday i felt really good and decided last minute to go a longer route. to be honest i bit off more than i could chew and mentally bonked after about 45 minutes, my pace dropped steadily and then i got off the familiar route and ended up in a gross industrial part of town...sheesh!

so, with all the upheaval going on around here my camera is currently MIA. when it turns up i'll post a few pictures of my staycation adventure!