Sunday, July 20, 2008

strawberry sunday

so i only got 3 out of 4 runs in this week, but i'm happy to report that 15 out of 18 miles were at strawberry canyon.

my tendency is to lead laterally with my right leg on the downhills and while i could get away with this when i was running more regularly my knee got to griping about it on thursday. some cross friction massage along with motrin seemed to help...and less running which was easiest thing to do given my hectic week on the work front.

i had a couple of interviews this week and am really excited to be finally breaking out of the skilled nursing setting and into the acute rehab arena. early in my career i worked in a an acute setting for about a year and a half but the facility went belly up for various reasons and over time i found more steady work in skilled nursing.

after 10 years i'm ready for a change and this new job is going to challenge me in new and exciting ways. i'm super excited and must confess a little intimidated too. but my "can do" attitude has gotten me this far so it's full steam ahead.