Saturday, May 12, 2007

running fast is not natural

a lackluster week of running. my runs have been extra slow and sluggish...the hike on eastbay regional trail on wednesday was the highlight of my week...though none of the mileage was captured on the garmin (approx 6 miles)...making this weeks total 32.20

yesterdays 6 miler was harder than it should've been. the gray overcast weather set the tone. with only 3 on the schedule today i decided i felt like pushing the pace a bit harder. i pulled off 3.14 in for me! the garmin kept stalling and it was hard to sychronize my effort with it...but i'm pretty sure i hit a sub 30 min 5k.........first time in a loooooooooooong time ...sucking wind as i walked it off...fortunately their was no bladder incontinence though i did feel like puking at the end.

so were off to discovery kingdom to get our rides on. hehe, apppears the objective today is to avoid puking!