Saturday, February 24, 2007


being productive ranks high on my list. today i cleaned the kitchen, loaded the dishwasher, did 2 loads of laundry ,grocery shopped and ran 5 miles...with Brandy all before 10 o'clock.

M is still snoozing, seems she is her father's daughter...stayed up late doing art and wants to sleep till???

my grandma T has been put on hospice and is home now. multiple health issues have taken there toll and she's essentially riding it out. my mom and other family members are convinced "it'll be anyday now" and are already discussing arrangements...almost to a morbid detail...what she'll wear at her burial, where the reception will be...i know these things need to be worked out and that it's about what's best for grandma...still it just feels premature. hospice doesn't necessarily indicate 2 weeks till the end. at work i see lot's of patients on "comfort care " or hospice...that thrive beyond the doctors expectations.

i need to go see her's been 3 weeks since i saw her in the hospital seeing her will be a reality check i suppose.

i have a jar of brandy in my cupboard, see grandma T was sure to bring her own hooch wherever she went...not one to risk the chance that her brand would be unavailable. the hooch is contained in a 10 oz GOYA Spanish Capers jar, mostly full. she even took care to seal the opening with a torn piece of plastic so it wouldn't leak. it's been in my cupboard for nearly 4 years when she came for Easter. we had just bought our house and had BOTH sides of family come for the holiday.
i remember she was so happy for us and proud that her grandaughter had done so well for herself.

i feel good from the run but a little sad as i prepare to see grandma T.
change is inevitable, this i know so well. M is starting to stir. time to shift gears.