Monday, January 06, 2014

Golden Hills Trail Marathon 2007

This was 7 years ago.  I was on the cusp of crossing over into ultra running status and then for no obvious reason I just quit .  Looking back at old blog post has been enlightening.   I'm still not sure why the wheels feel off after the race, I never ran with enthusiasm after the trail marathon.   It was a good day but if I am honest I was relieved not to be slave to the training schedule.  You hear it all the time " don't be slave to the schedule, figure out what works for you".   I thought I did .  I built this race up so much in my mind that by the time I crossed the finish line....anti-climatic as that was ...not much fanfare at trail races but no family or friends could be there, and my race report was barely noticed , I think I was doing the race just as much for external recognition and when it didn't come I didn't have enough internal motivation to continue.

Big Island 2010


Yay!  I got back into my old blog.   Started a few others but this is where I first started running and blogging.  It's been awhile since I've done much of either.  Trying to run after work blows at the moment but it will get better, just need to keep at it.