Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lafayete Resevoir

M's camp is in Lafayette. After dropping her off i headed over to the reservoir for a run.  it has been ages since i ran there pre-Garmin times .  i always suspected it was around 3 miles. i was close 2.78 to be exact. for all my complaining about slow running after work my pace wasn't all that much faster at 11:09. now granted this run turned out to be a bit more rolly than i remembered and it was warm and windy.  i haven't been doing much in the way of hills yet so it was a perfect run in that respect. i lean towards the cheapo end of things and usually scope out somewhere else to park to avoid an entrance fee.  alas there wasn't any convenient free parking so i forked over my last 6 bucks.  to tell the truth it was worth it, the park is very clean and there are comfort stations all along the trail.  too bad i was only good for one loop.
i walked a little bit after wards and stretched near my car before leaving.  i stayed up way too late reading blogs and sorting through old files last night which ironically was both inspiring and tiring.  12:30 am is way too late for me to be up but apparently i've got a thing for running when i'm tired.

Athleta Chi is a new favorite of mine.  i decided to go for a swim after reading a couple articles there.  given the sunny weather it was no surprise that there were no less than 3 people in all six lanes at one point or another.  in the last lane there were 2 folks who were really slow...and wobbling all over the place the second lane had 2 folks, the guy was definitely not slow.  i tried to make eye contact with him as i did with the female before entering the lane but he didn't look up...i guess he complained to the life guard because she got my attention and asked that i let all the people know before entering because he didn't want to crash into me.  i just smiled and nodded but thought to myself maybe he had some responsibility to be a little more observant of his surroundings instead of never looking up.  whatever.  i got out after 15 or so minutes and sat on the deck a minute when another man asked me if i was done i said " yes, go for it..but let everyone know before you go in"  when he got the guys attention and let him know he wanted to circle swim, the guy rather sarcastically said, "that's what i've been doing!"  so much for pool etiquette.  i can't stand assholes like him and it seems every pool has one.

Monday, June 28, 2010

On second thought

I tried a new name for my blog for a little while but i started to miss the old title.  guess i'm getting sentimental in my old age....i turned 47 this past sunday.

so the after work running is starting to take hold.  i'm getting off the fence, negotiating less and just getting it done.  can't say i'm loving it quite yet and an 11:30 pace ain't nothing to write home about but hey i'm out there getting shit done.  one slow ass mile at a time.

saturday M agreed to go to yoga with me and despite being a bit bored at times said she'd like to make it a regular thing...go figure.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Here I go again....

so it appears my tri-days aren't a thing of the past.  saturday as i was leaving the gym i noticed another flyer for an olympic distance training group.  i messed up my dates and missed the cut-ff by 5 people for the current tri-club .  not caring to fundraise again this year i've dodged the frequent emails and requests to mentor with TNT. missing out  on tri-club really sucked, in fact every time i went to spin an instructor would start yacking about shout-outs to participants in the class.... it just irked me that i screwed up my dates the way i did. 

anyhoo, coach Nancy is leading an olympic distance group starting at the end of July and my name is Numero Uno on the list. buyah!

we spent Father's Day at Stinson Beach...none of us thought to bring a camera! I did however pack a mean picnic basket...yogi would've been proud.

my run after work didn't suck...the Garmin on the other hand flubbed up and failed to sync the right date with the appropriate data....WTF!  It's like turning in your homework and not getting it graded. 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Here's a few pictures from last week, more to come.

Thursday, June 03, 2010


so i'vebeen off work for close to a week, finaly getting around to a bazillion little projects around the house. i decided to move my sewing studio into the dining room. i wasn't entirely satisfied with the space i'd been
renting, it was never quite big enough and once a project started to grow i'd have to schlep it home anyways. T and a friend helped me move out of the studio on Sunday and between sprucing up the garden i've been busily reorganizing fabric and notions. i took down the bamboo shade on the east side and watched the sunlight fill the formerly dark space. it completely changed the whole look and feel. i've been working on a couple of baby quilts and am itching to start a bigger project now that i have the space.

i'm determined to keep active despite my sedentary hobby. on my 3rd cup of coffee while surfing a quilting website a pop up ad caught my eye...something about keeping active and osteoporosis. just the nudge i needed to get out the door. it was a good 20 minutes before i settled into a rhythm...the hot muggy weather didn't help. on tuesday i felt really good and decided last minute to go a longer route. to be honest i bit off more than i could chew and mentally bonked after about 45 minutes, my pace dropped steadily and then i got off the familiar route and ended up in a gross industrial part of town...sheesh!

so, with all the upheaval going on around here my camera is currently MIA. when it turns up i'll post a few pictures of my staycation adventure!