Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Note to Self:

i was all dressed and ready to run this morning but then i got all involved with on-line reservations for our upcoming trip that i told myself i would just run after work....because it's been getting easier not to mention more convenient.

by 6:30 pm i knew it wasn't going to be pretty. i felt like crap and rightly so, poor sleep and even worse hydration. felt like i was barley moving the first half. i then got the brilliant idea to fartlek...aka...random bursts of speed which only served to push my tired ass over the edge.

note to self:
speedwork it's hard enough when you're fully prepared, demoralizing otherwise.

i felt lame and unfocused, not at all like a person training for a marathon. my confidence waivered. and for the first time ever i seriously questioned whether or not i was really going to be ready for golden hills. bouncing from plan to plan, low mileage the past couple of weeks, the negative thoughts stacked up one on top of the other. i was a little spooked to be honest.

note to self:
negative thoughts are to be expected, particulary when your tired.

and then while waiting for the signal to turn green a fit looking man walked up and asked me if i was running in the marathon and w/o a moments hesitation i said "yes!" and he said "me too!" i then learned he was doing the SF marathon this month and i told him about my race in the fall. the light turned green and as i trotted off i turned to him and said "rock the course man!" and with a little more pep in my step i jammed the rest of the way home feeling very much like a runner.

i feel a little bit dorkish admitting what that 20 second exchange did for my head. i was on the tail end of a sucky run and when that guy acknowledged me as a fellow runner, one who appeared to be training for a marathon it felt pretty darn good.

note to self:
it's going to be ok