Friday, May 04, 2007


i decided on the drive into work that i wasn't ready to give up on the transitional apartments and that i needed to be less reactive and look for other possible solutions. i thought that maybe we move one of the extra beds into the small OT treatment room...we could rearrange a few things and incorporate the bed in transfer training and bed mobility. this felt alot better than the previous night when i felt so defeated.

i mentioned this to my colleague and my boss...initally they responded to the negative but my colleague actually came around after i made my point about transfer training. my boss approached me a couple of hours later after she and the administrator spoke.

they finally made some decisions regarding the future of the transitional apartments. we'll get one of the two apartments back...that is after the current resident who's not expected to live much longer expires. i know this resident and have worked closely with her for the past month and have witnessed a rapid decline in just the past week...i'm not heartless and i said it was a "bittersweet victory" and my boss replied "but it's still a victory."
no doubt she had had about enough of me at that point.

often i read in running blogs that people do some of their best thinking while running...i seem to think better after a run. i used to have a hard time getting out the door if i was mad and i never liked running past noon. lately some of my better runs have been when i was blowing off steam in the afternoon. go figure. change is good and i see evidence of it at work as well as in myself.

the rain has stopped and the clouds have parted and i cannot wait to get out of town. all this running on concrete lately has me itching to get good and dirty on a long muddy trail.