Monday, April 30, 2007

Rest Day

this morning my joints were sore and there was a weird pain on the top of my right foot. M had a hard day with STAR testing and was in NO MOOD for dance class and was all kinds of agreeable when i suggested we go for dip. the middle school where she'll be going in the fall has a nice pool just a mile or so away from our house. i purchased a swim pass for each of us. i can swim laps while she goofs off at the shallow end. every so often i'd join her for a bit then i'd slip back into the slow lane for a few laps. we did that for close to an hour.

i have no idea how many laps i did i do know that i still suck at bilateral breathing and look like a dork everytime i try to breath on the left side...left arm flails like i'm flagging down a taxi...i found myself ...for a brief moment getting irritated and then i reminded myself "uh, your not training your doing a recovery swim chill" ...and the rest of the swim was quite nice.

sundays 10 miler was flat and boring. i needed to get it over with so i could help T paint. 1:56:26 the room is's very bright ...still i like how it's coming along.

Sunday, April 29, 2007


reviewing my mileage this week i made a um, slight, uh error in the figures...i ran 25 miles NOT 35 miles...switching long runs from sunday to saturday is what bumped up the milage last week...that and the fact that i need glasses...and misread the garmin...blah blah blah...anyhoo...can't take credit where it isn't do.

still i'm getting shit done!

on the home front....any do it yourselfer knows a room redo is most likely going to end up in multiple trips to the paint store ...the pink tangerine combo i envisioned looks more like melted sherbert....too "babyish" as M put it. so my poor husband will have to fix it...luckily he's an artist (ooh did i just say that?, i'm often annoyed by his hyper sense of aesthetics!)and can make the melted gooey colors come alive and vibrant.....M is losing faith in my vision.......

that's right, MY started with the quilt i'm making her which she's just we're a bit IMPATIENT around here with the PROCESS.......

....and things got rather heated (inside this time) over color and how they look different on the wall compared to the fan deck.....blah blah blah....

anyway i'm going for a slow FLAT 10 miler now my legs need a break from hills!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Rough Week

it's been pretty hot around the bay area lately and well truth be told between this and getting my runs in later rather than earlier has been harsh. still i pulled off 35 miles this week and aside from grumpy buttocks and achey legs my head is still on straight and i am pleased as punch with my progress.

i stopped by title nine yesterday for some moldable inserts for my montrails and was a little shocked when my request to post a running partner ad on the community bullentine board was apppears they don't have an official forum for this. so, not taking no for an answer i inquired further as to how this store plans to be more community oriented...they being the only women's running store in the area.

aside from being a pricey running gear shop it seems like they could really make an impact by sponsoring local events and focusing on running moms and their kids....kind've a shame really. i left my info with the store manager and she said they had a spring running group last year and plan to do it again later in the summer.

today is all about emptying M's room and prepping it to paint. look out for before and after pictures .

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Miday Run

thanks to an exceptionally exasperating patient...i had plenty of motivation to run at lunchtime....a HOT 3-4 miler...i must've left the garmin on after yesterday's run because when i went to turn it on 0 hrs. battery was left...oh well i had taken the time earlier to map out a 4 mile route using my car odometer...2 miles each way ...after only a couple of blocks i knew that it was going to be dreadful so i took a shortcut through the high school. i'm giving myself the benefit of the doubt that i ran at the very least 3.5 miles in around 40 i mentioned it was HOT and when i was done i beelined for the patio off of the gym and stretched awhile on the cool cement.

everyone at work thinks i'm nuts for running in the heat. i had a water bottle and i was SLOOOOOOOW. taking a shortcut was smart and it kept me from being over exposed....i'm not used to running in the heat at all....but with a marathon smack dab in the middle of Indian Summer i need to get used to it.

one of my co-workers is like a mom to us all she always brings us stuff to eat. we're a pretty close bunch sharing food and eating together often but after last summer when i swam at lunchtime they came to accept my skipping lunch with them to workout. for lunch i ate a bowel of cherrios and that same co-worker set aside a banana for sweet is that huh?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Strawberry Canyon

i couldn't figure out why i was so tired this morning...i slept in until almost 7am....then i remembered i took a Benedryl lastnight. a few cups of coffee later Brandy and I headed out to Strawberry Canyon for a hill workout.

Taking Brandy always changes the focus a bit. Between keeping her properly hydrated and on the main trail always slows me down (not to mention Big Bertha and her minions!) she's one happy pooch i tell ya. especially once we get to the good mud holes.

i've been going back and forth with which marathon program to follow....Free being the operative word here i think i'm in shape enough to go intermediate with the
Cool Running on-line plan. i may need to tweek the schedule here and there but i think i'm headed in the right direction.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Up and Running...but at a price

in my haste to get to the computer shop yesterday before it was closed it appeared that i ripped out one of the plugs.....the mouse ..... in addition to being charged to have the disc removed i paid an additional $10.00 for another mouse..only to discover that when i got home my mouse was intact. i still don't know where that broken plug came from?? he asked me how much i thought he should charge...he said $30.00 i countered $25.00.....still, the unecessary purchase of another mouse cancelled any "deal" i made.

oh well, now i can start posting pictures again.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Train Don't Strain -Running Maxim

4/21 saturday 10.0 mi 2:00:47
4/20 friday 6.29 mi 1:08:26
4/18 wednesday 8:51 mi 2:03:16
4/17 tuesday 4.02 mi 38:38
4/15 sunday 7:12 mi 1:48:11

35.95 miles total for the week. i have to thank the local weather for geting me to squeeze more in as the training schedule and Nature did NOT play well together at all this week.

Long runs are now 10 miles. a moderately challenging route, i have to say I FELT GREAT THE WHOLE TIME. the arch of my left foot felt a little weird for the first mile or two than it stopped. my breathing was even ...not one single side stitch. i concentrated alot on just relaxing. everytime i approached a hill i took a deep breath reminding myself: it's just a hill, no need for speed, take your time. it was gray and cool yesterday....perfect running conditions for a hilly course. i took the usual Lone oak trail to the Nimitz. once i got through the first cattle gate instead of taking san pablo ridge i veered to the left a discovered Muzane(sp?) Trail. this turned out to be a good move. it was about a mile shorter as i only wanted to cover 10 miles.

i love fast descents and this part of trail was mostly just that: fast and downhill. when i got to the bottom i hopped another cattle gate and made my way back towards Lone Oak. at the 9.90 mile mark my ipod battery's that for lucky? i really have grown attached to tunes while running i'm glad the battery hung in there for the majority of the run. 10 miles in 2:00:47

M's room is getting a makeover. it's taking longer than expected and emptying the room out completely before painting is a major ordeal. i recently pulled out her quilt squares and have them on the audition board. it's been months since i've even looked at them....i've been playing with them all week and think i have it figured out. she's still fond of my color choices. shopping for paint, we're looking for tangerine and soft pinks to compliment the quilt. she traded her bunk beds for a daybed and we got rid of a desk that she's outgrown. i know this would be more interesting with pictures but something is going amok in the hardrive and i'll be without a computer for awhile after today getting it checked out.

still running solo.....

but not entirely alone. i picked up a few running books this week:
The Lore of Running, Noakes ...i'm really liking this one....more than i thought
The Runner's Literary Companion .....The Lovliness of the Long-Distance Runner by Sarah Maitland ...i loved the line "running is my animal"
and The Runner's Book of Daily Inspiration.

Have A Great Day!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hump Day

after a rather raucos send-off to school i'm still steaming about the fact a certain someone refuses only to be concerned about school supplies and homework whereabouts moments before it's time to leave! clearly i have failed to instill any sense of responcibility or ownership.

just read dianna's amazing report. i think they should name an energy bar or Gu after her, orange flavored of course.

the sun is out i have a hilly 6 miler to run.

Mission Accomplished and then some

GHM race route

8.51 miles in 2:03:16

i forgot the map thanks to the drama earlier this morning.....i almost forgot Brandy and had to run back in the house for her.

she's in need of a better hydration system. a water bottle inside a plastic grocery bag tied to her harness is not gonna cut it when she starts putting in double digits with me.

i went a bit further today than on Sunday and determined that the paved road is a park utility road and NOT skyline ridge. i turned around at the 4 mile mark and retraced my steps to a fork in the road....again no trail markings so i proceeded cautiosly for a quarter mile or so.....straight down. from the looks of this part of the trail i could expect to end up in some canyon somewhere so i turned around and headed back to the main trail.

as i was climbing my way to the top i had an epiphany of sorts. spring really is the perfect time for training. the cool March breezes gently coaxed me up the massive hill. in time my body will adapt and my lungs, my heart, and my legs will get stronger and as the seasons change i will have changed too.

the hills are green. lupine, poppies and so many others scatterd along the way. i feel like i've only scratched the surface of this journey. just taking my time and savoring every minute.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


a sub 40 min 4 miler pretty much constitutes speedwork for me these days. whee!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spirit Renewed

today i ran the first 3.5 miles of golden hills marathon route. after yesterdays downpour the first mile or so was a bit muddy. i detoured to hit the porta potty and scrape the mud off my shoes at inspiration point. i then crossed wild canyon rd. to seaview trail. i had never been on this part of the trail before and i was excited to be discovering more of my beloved Tilden Park.

from the base of seaview trail it was a straight up. i jogged until i couldn't anymore. i looked up only occasionaly...i slowed to a shuffle and then eventually walked the rest of the way to summit.

i gued for the first time removed my outer shirt and asked a few hikers if i was on the right track to skyline ridge....i got a resounding "we think so" i had a map and i felt like i was on the right path so after taking in a spectacular view of the san francisco skyline i continued along seaview towards what i hoped would turn into skyline ridge.

at around 3.5 miles the trail turned into a road. i wish i would have asked the park utilty vehicle i saw coming towards me where skyline ridge was but i had to head back in order to get to a birthday party in Livermore at 12:30. so reluctantly i turned around. i covered a little over 7 miles in 1:48

i can't wait to go back. being up there was good for my soul today. trails bring out the best in me and i came off the mountain today with a renewed sense of purpose and focus for my marathon training. after 1 nothing special run, 2 supremely sucky runs and 3 days off this week i was due a good run. today rocked.

on the way back i noticed a couple of mature ladies plodding their way towards the summit. one glanced up and half smiled the other looked more like what i imagined i did earlier:) nose to the time for eyecontact..LOL!! i wondered if they were training for Golden Hills. i hope i see them again.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

let the mind games begin

i've been feeling somewhat disconnected from my running lately. since deciding to run a marathon in october i've been base building in preparation for the actual marathon schedule to begin in may. 5 weeks into it running has started to feel more like a job than a passion........and it has me a little worried.

since uping my weekly mileage i've begun to notice a sense of dread preceding my near daily runs. perhaps going from 3-4 to 6 days a week was a bit much. i've been careful to stick with the plan....averaging 25 miles a week...this week started off strong but by thursday i was just too tired and i've taken the last 2 days off. it's gray and cool outside now and i'm torn between going for a run or tackling M's room to get ready to paint. no reason i can't do both i suppose. 4 is on the schedule but i should double it and go shorter tomorrow as i have a party to attend at noon.

i'm not the most sociable runner. i prefer to be alone with my thoughts, running my own pace. this has worked well for me up to now. lately i've been feeling kinda... i don't know...isolated. like i don't really know what i'm doing. i don't see myself training in a group. but i can appreciate the benefits of not going at it alone.

so i think what's going on here ...doubt is rearing it's ugly's subtly picking at me. instead of ignoring like i've tried to i think i need to look it in the eye and acknowledge it. yes, i have my doubts. yes, i have concerns . yes, i wonder if i can put in the training. yes, i wonder if i can go the distance.

i've been afraid to admit any of this. but i think i'm okay with it. the thing i've feared most about my decision to go long this year was switching from a free spirited trail runner to a more focused disciplined runner. i've been happy with my gradual progress over this past 2 years. but in the back of my mind i wonder will going long turn my joy of running into a chore?

i'm still sorting all these feelings out. i haven't run in 2 i'm probably feeling more insecure than usual. this is also a reminder that the mental aspects of training are just has important as putting in the miles. attitude is everything.

time to go adjust mine now!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

This is going to get easier, right?

my day started with a phone call from my boss asking if i would work at another facility today and options were to work 10 hrs at this facility or to split 8 hrs between 2 buildings. after i stopped laughing hysterically....i said i'd work at the other facility for 8 hours.

i had previously already agreed to work in this building on wed to make up for taking yesterday off.....but knowing that this other building is really busy i was concerned about how i would fit my 6 miler in and still get to work by 6 am. anyhoo, when i arrived at the other building this morning i was happy to see that the manager brought in another OT to work as well and that my caseload wasn't too heavy because that meant i could run my 6 miler after work instead of 4 am tommorrow.

my attitude about running fluctuates constantly. sure i'll moan and groan about it especially when it's inconvinient. but i will say when a run is at risk of being dropped or messed with i usually find whatever reserves are necessary to make it happen. and so was the case this afternoon.

tomorrow is also suppose to be stormy giving me a little more incentive to get my tail out there after work.

seems i'm slower and slower. (6.02 miles 1:10) and it takes longer for the stride to loosen up. i guess that goes with change of conditions and running longer. i can't say i'm HAPPY about running in the afternoon but circumstances dictated some flexibility. i'm not going to be too concerned with speed or time on these afternoon runs.

on the upside, running in the afternoon allows me to stretch more and take longer showers.

but it still sucks.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Spring

sometime today i need to run 8 miles.....the easter party preparations spilled over into training time and i did cut a few runs shorter. but hey, it's all about balance and you do what ya gotta do. i think i'm becoming a more mindful runner. i used to push too hard or just bail altogether when i felt crummy or tired. this attitude is so refreshing and it's really helping me see the big picture more clearly.

my neck pain seems to be bothering me's not completely gone yet but i found heat vs ice to be better along with the occasional ibuprofen.

the easter party went well and the best part as usual was the easter egg hunt with the kids. my two nephews and one niece (ages 8,6,and 4) are TERRIFIED of dogs (it's really kinda sad...imagine being a kid afraid of dogs...) poor Brandy had to stay cooped up in my bedroom for the party....i'll make it up to her by taking her with me running this afternoon. M is crashed out cold from all the whooping it up this past week and i agreed to let her stay home one more day but she's going to SCORE this afternoon!

Afternoon Delight

i'm not even going pretend that i was excited AT ALL about the prospect of running this afternoon. T and i arranged that he would get home around 1:40 so i could allow for travel time to and fro Tilden....i needed 2 hours to run a hilly 8 miler in Tilden and enough extra time to p/u M at SCORE afterwards.

even though i had an 8 miler on the schedule...i still found myself negotiating...."ok, we'll see how it goes. "it is afternoon and I DON'T DO afternoon runs", "it's gonna be hilly so maybe i'll cut it short" my legs felt like sludge and even though the final number was apparently up for debate i knew i couldn't deviate from the plan until after the first two miles.

the sun felt good on my face. the pale blue sky and steady breeze balanced things out nicely. around mile four i had to hop a locked cattle gate. on the turn around my stride loosened up and i started to think maybe i would get through this 8 miler afterall. the rest of the run ....while NOT easy...went pretty well. i even went a little further by the time i arrived back at my car.

8.78 mi 1:47:56

i suspect sooner rather than later Mia is going to want her Garmin back. it's completley endeared itself to me much the same way Nano did. i'd be interested to hear from anyone regarding the Garmin 305.....though secretely i want mia to sell me her 201 since she and eric are more technologically savvy/worthy of the higher end model. :)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Testing the Water

my ankle was a little sore today and since i was only scheduled for 4 miles i decided to swim instead. considering that i hadn't planned on swimming i was surprisingly organized and got to the pool by 8:20 am for my first swim of the year!

i was happy to discover that i hadn't forgotten how to swim and while i only swam 200 hundred yards i was winded and reminded that it requires a different kind of conditioning....just like on the St. Patty's bike ride ....different muscles got worked and i was trying to remember how i pulled all 3 disciplines together last summer.

so, no i still haven't got the tribug back....not to worry though....there will always be a place for the swim and the bike in my training.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Good Start

i switched yesterday's 8 miler to this morning so i could be around Sunday morning for T and M as they set off for their daddy/daughter adventure. they headed out around 10:30 and while there was time to still run i started cleaning out the linen closet and that led to the bathroom drawers, then i attacked the laundry room and kitchen. not as enjoyable as a run would of been but very productive.
i'm actually looking forward to company next weekend.

today i set out at around 7 am mapped out a nice 8 mile loop from my house.
for the record:

from my house to Camilia
L on 4th st
pass the kayak lake (a nasty body of water paralell to Hwy 80)
and over the bicycle bridge towards the Marina
out and back on the pier
then over to the harbor

( i felt like i was in a video...i swear just as i arrived at this point "more to life than this" by Bjork came up on the ipod...if you know the song you'll know why i say this...she's bored at some party and wants to go down to the harbor and jump across the boats....)

loop over to Ceasar Chavez
3/4 around i twisted my ankle and had to walk for a bit...back on track before i knew it....
leaving CC
L on Bayview Trail to Gilman
i had to run in place for what seemed an eternity...i even ran around the block first...waiting for a long ass train to pass.

8 miles 1:28
not fast but not bad for a Monday morning ;0