Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I recently posted an ad on craigs list looking for training partners. I've recieved a few responses but nothing has materialized yet. It's occured to me recently that finding friends and more importantly maintaining friendships in your 40s is alot like dating...people seem nice, interested and you may even have a great time together initially but before long things "cool off" and your left wondering what happened?

All I know is that I'm engaging in activities I like alot, I'm being proactive and instead of reverting to my "fuck it" way of thinking I will be patient, continue to train and put myself out there.....just not all out there you know what I mean?

Like I said, I recieved a few responses from local women, some with tri experience and some just wanting to train with other active folks. So far one woman was a "no show" or rather didn't call back when she said she would and then slipped me an e-mail the next day stating that she was sick...hence the no call.....ok whatever I'm just some anonymous on-line contact....why would she need to extend me the courtesy of a call letting me know she wouldn't make it, right?
(truth be told I was slightly annoyed) Heard from a couple others and I have replied (promptly) and am waiting for follow-up.

Seems I'm always in the position of "doing all the work".....I often put forth quite a bit of energy early on in the relationship and am left feeling a bit short changed in the end.

On a more positive note , I hit the pool at the Y yesterday morning....7:30 am....early for me....I like being back at the Y !

Over the weekend I went to IKEA and bought some more baskets for the storage wall we purchased awhile back. A nice 12x12 basket costs I've been slowly adding to my collection.......everything is really coming together and I'm feeling all kinds of better about the living its been a veritable dumping ground...for like the past 6 months.