Monday, October 24, 2005

Appears I spoke too soon!

While straightening up around the house yesterday, a rather heavy object fell directly on my right baby toe! You know those wooden thingys with the magnetic strip used store knives. I unwittingly stashed it in a tube of wrapping paper and when rummaging around in the laundry room (barefooted) it slipped out and rammed my little toe. Yow!!!!!!!!!! The pain took my breath away, iced and took a Motrin and after what seemed to be an hour I was able to hobble around and continue straightening up.
This mornings run will have to wait though, I'm currently debating what sort of shoes I can wear to work.......Happy Moanday!


taskette said...

Well, that doesn't sound like fun! Hope it heals fast so you can get Up & Running. Did you go see the women running the marathon??

christine said...

Saw the marathon 4 just a minute on Tv.....I got side tracked with staightening up...that'll teach me to pick housework over getting outdoors!!