Saturday, November 26, 2005

No excuses.......

Yesterday's run and the weather had a conflict of interest...By the time the sun was out the desire to run turned into going to the movies. This morning appears to be clear and I have a window of opportunity to run, T will sleep in another hour ........Was hoping to hit the trails but that requires driving to Tilden . I'll have to stick to the nearby bicycle trail.....Getting M out for a bike ride could be fun once past the initial resistance she usually has! It's such a struggle for me to engage her in physical activity. She'd prefer to play on the computer or do art stuff, which is fine but geez, get some fresh air once in awhile!!
This is my husbands really busy time of the year, M and I are on our own for a good 6-7 weeks before life is normal around here. The early years were spent hardly ever leaving the house, hence I quilt and she has her indoors activities........But the past year since returning to running I've been itching to get out more and have had to get really creative with including the family.
M doesn't like riding on the bicycle trails so that cancels out me running and her following on the bike.......She only wants to ride in the neighborhood which never really seems to be enough for me, she's 10 and I just have to get my real workouts when I can......I get frustrated about this at times and I compare her to me when I was a kid.....I was sooo physically active, not that I played any organized sports or had lessons of any kind I was just bouncing off the walls all
the time riding my bike w/friends all over creation, pretending to be Olga Korbet on the neighbors lawn, climbing the mountain the reads "South San Francisco The Industrial City".
Today's kids really don't get to roam like we did. They are signed up for lessons and dropped off and picked up.
My husband has horrible allergy's and is not much of an outdoorsy person and I'm a nature freak! Opposites do attract and our girl is somewhere in between.
Okay, let's see how this run goes!!


At the last minute I decided to hit the trail.....sheer genius considering yesterday's rain!W/brandy in tow I ran about a mile before turning around and walking back, the 5 pound mud waffles on each foot kicked my butt..sweat was pouring down my face. Not a fun work-out but a work-out all the same.


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