Sunday, March 19, 2006

Balance act

During my run this morning at inspiration point (8 miler) the weirdest thing occurred. my right hand was swollen, dry and tight and pretty much remained that way the entire run. the left hand was slightly edematous but not tight or dry. strange. it's "that time of the month" and i probably am slightly dehydrated. weird.
i felt great the first 6 miles, even picked up on the hills..breathing got a little out of control at this point, so i slowed it back down the last 2 miles.

i finished in exactly 80 minutes.

i'm supposed to be finishing up that 2nd baby quilt, already had to pull out one row of sashing after not paying attention and messing up. i gotta get this thing done! it's purely a matter of time management at this point, the weather is so nice today, only adding to my lack of motivation w/this quilt!!

i start swimming 101 on tues and thurs nights this week. tri grp. on wed and sat, plus my "homework"

thinking about my new years post and my desire to achieve balance, this current direction i'm taking feels right.

have a great week ya'all!!


Mia Goddess said...

Hi! I LOVE the picture you sent! You look so *happy* and *fast*. Yes, I noticed your shoelace, it was the first thing I saw after your smile. (My lace was untied in the last 5 k I did, and no fewer than 6 people mentioned it; I finally had to stop and tie it, and I hated doing that!)

I wanted to let you know, since we live so close, I have two tires I used to swap out for the knobbies on my canondale mountain bike. I'll check the specs on them, and if they're the right size, you can have them.

psbowe said...

Nice job on your 8 miler, fantastic! So did you hand return to normal after some hydrating?

You'll have to post a pic of that quilt as soon as you're done.

Btw, cool pictures, thanks for sharing...did I already say that? Hummm oh well

jeff said...

woohoo...good luck with the swimming class. make sure you post the stuff you learn!