Sunday, March 26, 2006

Balancing Act II

Holy Cow!! What a week, when I was just doing one activity it was a lot easier to fit a run in here and there. Now that I'm juggling 3 activities there's a greater need for some structure...And I like LOOSE structure at best. I've had to remind myself several times this week to CHILL and let it work itself out.

M and I went to the pool on Friday night and to be honest it was a little frustrating, but once I adjusted my expectations it was fine........While I certainly have my own agenda as far as getting fit and woking hard, I need to step back every so often and remember why I'm really doing this: to be an example for my daughter, to instill in her a love for being active and strong and capable. She has been so supportive, and almost never complains when I need to go train.

I've been quite edgy this week, stressing about the swimming, still no lessons in place, I'll need to contact the pool dept. to arrange for private lessons that work for my schedule. Great more money to spend!! The cost is racking up and I haven't even bought clothing yet!! Swim lessons is a good investment though, it's something I've been wanting to do for awhile, I need to buckle down and and make it happen.........Do I sound a little conflicted chill/buckle down???

Yesterday was a group ride on the new bike, I had a little trouble w/the left cleat locking in place. After the ride I headed over to Mike's Bikes, and Jonas fixed me right up. Those guy's are pure gold!!!!

I jogged over to yoga this morning, T picked me up afterwards. I then jogged somemore over to the track and did a little speedwork. It went like this:
sprint halfway around the track,
then walked halfway around the track (200 meters?)
did this 4x's.........each sprint felt slower than the last....I then walked home. Tired as hell!!

M and I are going to the pool, just to play. Our time in the pool will more for her than me and that's gonna be great for US!!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week:)


susie said...

Chilling is a good thing. Now don't let yourself get burned out. I tried doing double workouts for a short period of time, and it almost did me in! You're a better woman than I am for wanting to tri. It will be fun to watch your progress:)

psbowe said...

I think Susie made some great points, but you know your limits.. it's so easy to over do it..

But great job, you'll get the hang of swimming. One day it'll all just click...