Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Considering my need for variety it makes perfect sense that a triatholon would appeal to me.
Why should I let the fact that I can't swim deter me?
Okay, I can float on my back, dog paddle, and put my face in the water.
When I try to swim on top of the water it resembles something more like a shark attack, with arms's not pretty.

I ran over to the Y this morning and went to yoga. Feeling especially good afterwards, on my way out I noticed a flyer for YTRI 2006.
It appears to be beginner friendly, 1/2 mile swim (gulp), 12 mile bike (I have an awesome mountain bike) and a 3.1 mile run (piece-o-cake).

I carefully folded the flyer and put in my pocket and mulled it over on the run back home.

Tonight is the first meeting and I've got till 6:30 pm to make a decision.

I'm just giddy thinking about the way!!!.............why not!!!!......uhhh, don't go there.........maybe.

The swimming has me most concerned. I think I could learn though.

The program includes:
training schedules
informational talks
open water practice (gulp, gulp)
track workouts
personalized coaching
group cycle rides
swim/stroke technique clinics
a practice triatholon

Maybe I'll go, just to check it out, get the scoop ya know, what can it hurt, right?


psbowe said...

I say go for it, especially if you have the time to practice.

I'm not a great swimmer myself, but I do manage... haven't yet thought of doing a tri yet.

If it interest you, give a go, you'll surprise yourself. You'll do fine swimming.

christine said...

the time commitment is on my mind too! i should go to the meeting at the very least, just to make an informed decision.

LouBob said...

Go for it a enjoy! I'd love to do a tri but I'd have to drive 50 miles to find the nearest swimmable waterhole and gravel roads and bikes...............yikes!