Wednesday, April 05, 2006


geez, all day yesterday i was in a funk, feeling neglected, taken for granted, the self-pity was in abundance. i got home a few hours before my swim class, feeling apprehensive, unmotivated and unfocused. i kept fiddling w/my swim bag but never really getting around to getting ready. i asked t for a ride to the Y just so i could skip the aggravation of parking, one less thing ya know.
i head for the pool locker room and to my horror realize i've forgotten my swim!!! surprisingly, my funk gave way to determination as i booked over to the lost and found and managed to scrounge up a bikini top and some boy's swim trunks! i was totally lucky there cuz the choices were slim, it was this or the waaaay too big one piece, you know the ones with the padding in the boobs.
lindsey, our instructor was way cool and my 6 other classmates ranged in ages and abilities. we're a good crew. the focus was on side breathing and rotation, we used kick boards and fins (a first for me, like the road bike, fins are wicked fast, now if i can figure out how to sneek them in the event i'll be cruising for sure! lol!!) we also did some goofy looking "chicken wing" drill. the 45 mins flew by and i regretted having t drop me off cuz i would've stayed to practice longer, but then on the other hand, had i had my car when i realized that i'd forgotten my swimsuit i mighta gone home, who knows? one thing i do know is i had FUN and am looking forward to this afternoons lesson. woohoo!!!


psbowe said...

That's great, glad it's all working out.

susie said...

Now that's dedication:)