Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Showing Up is Half the Battle

I went to the neighborhood gym this morning for 60 minutes of cardio -20 mins on the bike and a 40 minute interval session on the treadmill. I pushed too hard on the TM and could smell the burning rubber right before it came to an abrubt stop....talk about a buzz kill, I was flying at a 8.5 mile pace!! Not to be short changed on my cool down I hopped on the next one over and finished up. I like the neighborhood gym for the TM workouts cuz unlike the Y there's no 30 minute time limit on any of the cardio machines.

Swimming was good tonight. Once I got past the fact that it was cold, dark and rainy. As much as I consider myself a morning exerciser, the night time swimming is kind've relaxing. We had a substitute, and he got into the water and demonstrated...I like him better than our regular instructor already! I decided to drop the private lessons for now and ordered the Total Immersion Video that I can study and do drills from on my own in addition to the Tu and Thu nite classes.

Tonight we focused on rotation and arm and hand entry. We used some funny looking flotaion device you hold in between your knees and w/o kicking we worked our way down the lane while trying to maintain 11 o'clock and 1 o'clock positions with our arms, then pulling back one arm at a time then exiting the water with high elbows and "quietly" re-entering with "diving" finger tips vs slapping the water.

Oh Lord, I have so much work ahead of me in the pool and I wouldn't mind it at all if any of you swimmers out there had a tip or two to share!! I'm all ears. Speaking of ears, I've got water in my right ear still and class was over nearly 2 hours ago!!

Spring Break Fun!!

While I don't have a photo to prove it, M and I had a delightful day at Marine World yesterday and we had the pleasure of meeting Mia and her family. She and I live pretty close and we knew we were both going to MW on Monday. We didn't plan to meetup but she spotted me while I waiting for M to get done with her ride and we spent the entire day hanging out. And yes, Scotty and Tommy are adorable, I even got to hold Scotty for a bit. Eric was just as nice as could be. Mia is just the best, and I feel like I have made a new friend.


Black Knight said...

8,5 miles pace on the treadmill! You run like the hell, perhaps the Pink Floyd had the inspiraction the day they saw you working on the treadmill!

christine said...

just to clarify that 8.5 was only for 2.5 minutes. the intervals ranged 2-3 minutes with longer rest periods and few inclines around 5.0 again with longer rest periods. it was all very random.

susie said...

Blogger ate my last comment, so I'll try again:) I am so jealous you met Mia. I tried last year when I visited California, but all I could manage was a phone call. Isn't she fun?!! Hey good training Chris...the swimming is going swimmingly!