Saturday, May 27, 2006

Putting Along

I haven't run since the race last Sunday. This morning my chest felt tight so I took a couple puffs on the inhaler and decided to go for a run. Since it's Saturday, I headed over to the middle school for a track workout and I did some intervals combining slow running halfway around the track then full speed (hahah) the other half. I did this 4 x's, once I ran hard 3/4's the way and then walked all the way around. I did some stretches on the field, 2 x10 of the silly looking thing where you jump and kick your butt. I finished off the last lap with a slow jog and then headed home. It's been awhile since I did intervals and I was pretty tired. With all the attention on swimming I've lost some of my pep on the run. Balance seems to be a constant challenge.
The three of us are headed to Monterey in a few hours and to tell you the truth I wish it was just T and I. I can't even remember the last time we spent anytime alone together. My mom came over lastnight to house /Brandy sit and at the last minute I asked her to watch M so T and I could go to the movies. Poseidon Adventure wouldn't of been my first pick but the time frame and free passes at the OakTheater prevailed. 90 plus minutes of stress......Not exactly a great date flick.
So, I need to get the show on the road and try to scope a good bike/run option near our motel. I'll be taking full advantage of the pool and try to set up a full brick for Sunday. Have a good weekend and be safe!

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