Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Devil is in the Details

I knew I wanted to run but wasn't sure where. So I just improvised and let my feet do the guiding. I skipped the flat BART trail and headed up Marin to the Alameda then over to the King track for one mile and then towards home. Total time 40 mins. Earlier I had my swim bag and clothes for work already packed so when I got back from the run all I had to do was jump in my car and head over to the pool in near work. To my surprise that nifty 1 month swim card I purchased the second week in May expired today ( I thought it would rollover to 1 week into the next month) but the gal behind the desk let it slide and I proceeded to bang out 9 laps in the 50 yd lane in about a half an hour. I really needed to buckle down and try to cover 1/4 mile with as little stopping as possible. This has me thinking I might pull off the swim in 30 minutes! Shit I'll take it!!
I rested in between laps 10-15-20-bleh seconds and I did everything from backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. I started out with breast and than halfway would switch to free or rollover on my back. My main objective was to get 9 laps done anyway I could. Oddly enough the last 2 laps were all freestyle and I didn't have to switch to breast or rollover. I really like this pool but today I felt so rushed. I wanted to stay longer and I think that's a good sign. Come June 18th the 25 yd. lanes are open until 4pm. I was also charged a $10.00 non-resident fee for the swim card. I really need to be more cunning, I should've had cash on hand and not a check with my real address on it!! Still it's a really nice pool and it's close to the job.

The race mgt. meeting lastnight was good. We reviewed the practice tri logistics and swapped transition tips. The general concensus being: bike gloves are not a necessity however socks are. Some people got killer deals on tri gear at the Sports Basement over Memorial Day weekend. I found a decent training swim suit at the outlet in the Cannery for $15.00. Today I bought a Aqua Sphere swim top to wear over my trisuit. It's got neoprene on the front and back to keep the core warm, while the arms and shoulders are some other kind of fabric for freer movement. At least it will keep me a little warmer and be easier to remove then a wetsuit. Plus it does make me look and feel kinda cool and that's priceless!

Tomorrow is a rest day and I will no doubt spend friday night on the floor in my living room going over my list and pack and repack my red duffle bag.

swim cap
i'll be wearing my trisuit and swim top
bike shoes
water bottle/camelbak
racing belt - does this go on at T1 or T2???????
running shoes

This is gonna be fun!

Oh yeah, today I also bought a pair of size 8 pants!! No drawstrings or elastic. Woohoo!!!

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