Saturday, June 17, 2006

I'm a Triathlete!

Big thanks to Mia for totally being there for me, you rock babe and I see a tri in our future!
Yep that's right, I want to do it again!

There was 1000 participants and it was a bit chaotic weaving in and around bodies and bikes. We racked our bikes and checked in. After a quick tinkle we gathered on the beach for a few instructions. My wave (5th) was the largest and I lingered long enough in the back to get cut off, which was fine by me. The water was warm like Nancy said it would be. She's a bulldog, but she's my bulldog, I just love her! Not listening too closely to what the announcer was saying I surveyed the swim route and got my stopwatch ready, remembering to hit it just before I plunged into the water.

The swim went pretty well for me. I went out with the last wave and hung back. I was able to freestyle almost all the way to the first buoy, I started to struggle so I rolled over to catch my breath and breast stroked the entire rest of the dog paddle or anymore rolling over.
I finished the 1/4 mile swim in 15 minutes. I was not last.

T1 went smooth, that is once I found my stuff! I ran right past it! I had a little trouble clipping in on the bike, weaving abit. Such a rookie! I saw T out of the corner of my eye.

The ride was pretty much flat with an occasional bump compared the practice tri . I stopped looking at my watch after T1 and I'm guessing the 11 mile ride was 40 or so minutes There was a crash and I had to dodge glass at one point. I was not last.

T2 was a little confusing because I hadn't bothered to scope out where to head out for the run. Legs felt great, no cramping at all! I was slow but steady. It was starting to get pretty warm by this point and I knew I better just take it easy and save whatever kick I had for the end.
And kick I did, on the home stretch I picked up my pace and one of the volunteers shouted out
"looking strong, don't you know you just did a triathalon!!" With a big ol grin on my face I crossed the finish line according to my stop watch in 1:27:47.

It was so fun and I would like to tri again in August. For now I'll spend more time with family, but keep up with the bricks and work on the swim. During both the swim and the bike I felt so emotional. Just happy and proud. The run, a sort've crazy star-like loop was challenging especially in the heat. Seeing my family at the finish line is always the best part.

What a great event. I was sure to thank several volunteers along the way and we (triclub) took lots of pictures and plan on meeting next week for a final gathering.

What a great way to kick off the summer. I know I've been hot and cold with this tri biz. It's just too fun not to tri again. I need to keep this excitement and enthusiasm in my life, despite all the family issues.

I also want thank all you guys for your supportive comments. I means more than you know!


teacherwoman said...

Great job on your tri! I think...I think....I might try that someday. Not right now, but someday! Way to go!! Good feeling I am sure!

ShoreTurtle said...

Congratulations... It is a great way to start the summer..

Mia Goddess said...

I think you're so right! All day I keep thinking about how much fun that looked. You are a huge inspiration, chica, and I adore you! Thanks for letting me come cheer you on, it made my day!

LouBob said...

I almost wish I could do one now! Great report, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!

susie said...

Waaa Hooooooooo!!!! Great news!! I'm so proud of you. You made it sound like so much FUN:) Congratulations, Chris.

Anne said...

Congratulations! Now enjoy the rewards of being in great shape and having more time with family while you can. August will be here before you know it.

psbowe said...

Congratulations, you had one hell of a race!

Carrie said...

WOO HOO!!! Continue to inspire and be inspired!

Veeg said...

Rock ON, girl! You've got me so totally looking forward to my first race. :)

jeff said...


smart way to handle the swim, great job on the bike and way to hammer it home on the run!