Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sleep Sleep Glorious Sleep

For all the complaining I do about not getting good sleeps, lastnight I slept like a baby! Working out later in the day might have something to do with it, ya think? Strange though really cuz in the past working out late has gotten me all ramped up and has interfered with sleeping well. I'm consuming less caffiene these days, except for the mandatory 2 cups of courage in the morning, I've been skipping the diet sodas in the afternoon, I'm probably down to 2-3 a week...including the weekend.
While were on the subject, why are diet sodas so bad for you? Is it the sodium content? I need to learn more about the sodium/electrolyte theory as I'm not the most scientific athlete...I try to to read about nutrition and I'm getting better about label reading before I buy, but I just get bored with all the information. So as to tackle the monolithic subject of Nutrition, my question is "why are diet sodas bad?


Spence said...

Thanks for the great comment on my blog. Your daughter is RIGHT ON with her attitude about what our bodies can kid...make sure you tell her I said so!! I think you look awsome, by the way!

A quick google search turned up this website, which appears to be credible. I take all this info with a "grain of salt" because ususally they change their tune sooner or later...but it's enough to get me off anything with artificial sweetners... take a look when you get a free moment..and thanks again for dropping by my blog!!!

susie said...

For me, diet sodas are bad because there is nothing valuable IN them. Just wasted liquid, plus a lot of chemicals:)
It's water all the way for me!

PortRunr said...

I was pretty much going to say the same as spence and susie!
I don't know what to believe about the "controversial" aspartame issue, but personally I err on the side of caution and when I occasionally indulge I stick with sugar rather than the chemical sweeteners. But at the end of the day there's nothing
of nutritional value in soft drinks (soda), and I'm glad that I no longer drink them like I used to. Since I
stopped drinking them I no longer crave them (I now have maybe 1 per fortnight at the most). For something sweet I just have
a 100% juice drink. I found the easiest solution is just not to have them in the fridge at all and when out I grab a juice instead :)

christine said...

Well not having them in the house has helped. I used to buy a fridge pack everytime I ran out and take one everyday to work...but I haven't done that the last few trips to the's a start at least.