Friday, July 14, 2006

What a Dog!

Brandy and I finally got going early this week. After the long run a couple weeks back, I realized that she's a bit deconditioned since not having gone on many runs with me due to my crazy pack-the -gym-bag and see where I end up approach to training as of late. This morning at 7:45 we headed over to the BART trail. The cool air felt good on my legs and face.
If I don't take the leash and harness off her immediately after a run she will inevitably begin to naw at ....We've gone through quite few! So, with her new purple leash and harness, we set off at an easy pace for a 40 minute run. Along the way, we met up with Joel, I've been passing and chatting with him on the BART trail ever since I started to run almost 2 years ago. He's a musician and he was telling me about a recent gig in Reno, where he was accosted by a rather robust biker chick fan who planted a big wet one on him and insisted that he share his gum while forcing her tongue into his mouth.eeeeeeww!!! He's probably 50ish, boyishly handsome tall and lean and always comments on my weight loss and say's I'm sexy...gotta love that right?
I always smile when I see the mommies out there with their jog strollers, I know it takes a whole other kind of discipline to get your groove on with a kid in tow.....One I never seem to develop when M was little......Today I saw an athletic looking grandma cruising with a little tike..Awesome!
Brandy was on her best behavior too! No veering off, no tugging or getting tangled in my path. She's in need of more short runs before we hit the trails for longer ones. Plus it will get me out the door earlier!!
I recently got in touch with a couple of Tri4fun clubmates and am trying to hookup for abit of group training, I still struggle with this and it seems I can't get past the occasional get together. I really need to find a steady partner and Tracy (she's a total stud, talks while running 8 minute miles guh!) seems motivated and willing, just a matter of our schedules jibing. I need to be more flexible and give evening workouts a serious consideration at least for biking and swimming, we'll see what happens.
I'm only working half day today and tonight M will be mc'ing the talent show at dance camp....she sprained her knee a week ago and has been laying low on the dancing. With the weekend around the bend, I am looking forward to getting a good ride and run in.


susie said...

You meet some interesting people on your runs! But yeah, I'll take those comments anyday:) Enjoy the weekend workout.

jeff said...

yay for canine running partners!

have a good weekend of training.

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a great run- I love seeing folks out on the trails. I can't wait for the day that I get my dogs to run without veering off the trail to chase a bird! I imagine Brandy is as powerful as my Chow/lab mix- and it takes a ton of energy to keep him on the trail!