Sunday, October 29, 2006

Happy Birthday M!

On this day in 1995 M arrived....late I might ad..... a whopping 9.8 lbs and silent as a mouse. A C-section delivery her eyes where wide and she didn't make a peep...I honestly don't recall her ever crying.....though I was pretty doped up, exhausted after 32 hours of attempted "natural childbirth." T say's she was alert and looking around but never cried...not a single peep! Only when she was cleaned up and left alone in the nursery did she cry. T recalls hearing her wail and being a new nervous dad pointed this out to a nearby nurse and she said "oh, she's probably hungry".

M is not so silent anymore, chatter fills every space, nook and crany. She definitely prefers being late to being on time. She's obvservant as hell and still get's cranky when she's hungry.
I am challenged,blessed and inspired by this child everyday.


I took off from home at exactly 8:38 today and headed for Strawberry Canyon. I want to give theses Adidas a chance to grow on me, they are a hybrid touting to perform well on and off the trail. I need to mix in more road running to better prepare for the my 1/2 marathon in San Francisco.

I took an hour to get from home to the first bench along the Strawberry trail. I considered going further but I promised M I'd be back before 11 am so she could open the rest of her presents (I did open a little one with her before heading out, plus she had the ones to check out still from lastnights party with friends...eleven 4th and 5th graders, a Sponge Bob jumper and lots of sugar!!)

On the way back I felt the more twinges in the knees, especially on the road. It's obvious that I prefer trails and will need to approach longer runs on the road carefully. I felt a few hot spots along the right arch and I'm pretty sure I didn't tie my shoe laces tight enough , my feet shifted around alot. So before I can justify dropping a bunch of cash on the coveted new Montrail or Asic. I will give these shoes chance. Poverty is the mother of patience!


LouBob said...

Happy birthday M! I love the quote.

Deb said...

Happy B day birthday to the birthday girl! she's entering into 'the wonder years'! All the best to her!