Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Why Race?

I 've been on the fence about what to focus on.

I'm getting in good workouts.... mostly running. I'm showing up for work earlier these days making it harder to get to the pool before work. It's just easier to throw on the running shoes and head out from home. Swimming and riding require more time and preparation.


I finally signed up for a couple of races.

I'll be doing the Presidio 10K Trail Run in San Francisco for the second time in November. Last year I got a ton-o-schwag.

I've also signed up for my First 1/2 Marathon with Kaiser Permanete in San Francisco, February 2007.

Mia had lots of good things to say about it when I mentioned it last week....I think I might have her convinced to do it with me:D

I'm feeling better and am looking forward to my early track session with Anna and Terry tomorrow morning.

I haven't had any trouble getting the runs in lately, it's been nice getting back on the trails.
Sometimes during a run I feel so great and I wonder why do I pay to enter races.

I guess I sign up for different reasons.

I signed up for the sprint tri's this summer to force myself to learn how to swim.

Having a race to train for through the winter should help keep the holiday weight gain at bay.

Knowing I have a race on the horizon makes it easier to stick with a training program.

I get the chance to compete....... mostly with myself....and it is fun to catch the rabbit once in awhile.

It's fun most of the time.

I think I enjoy the sense of accomplishment following a race even more than the actual race.

So, why do you race?

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Anne said...

I mainly race to gauge my fitness level and to experience a different side to running. But, sometimes, it's just to run freely in streets or on trails that otherwise are off limits or way too crowded.