Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I got up earlier then I intended this morning fell back asleep and re-awoke late the second time. By the time I was adequately caffinated and dressed for my 6:30 wednesday track workout it was already 6:45. I decided to just run to the track from home and meet the others and catch what ws left of the workout. I wasn't feeling too "speed worky" and planned on just cruising along....better than a "no show" in my book. When I arrived I saw only one of the two girls I run with and I was happy it was Anna, she's slower than me :D

Having others to be accountable to really does help on days like these that's for sure! As easy as it would of been to blow off the track this morning, I rewarded with the feeling of wellness that lingered all day. Light, springy and energetic. It still trips me out how I'm one those people that feels "off" when I skip a workout now.

I worked today in order to take friday great 3 day weekend plans...just another teacher development day hence no childcare on friday. T and his brother do Holiday Windows this time year. M and I wont see much of him over the next 8 weeks.


Anne said...

I always feel similarly when it comes to evening track workouts. I'm so pooped by then, but once I'm there, I feel ready to go. Just seeing other people really pushing it helps. Sounds like the sight of some friendly faces does it for you too.

susie said...

Hi Chris! Aren't three day weekends great? Hope y'all are well:)