Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It's All Good!

When I peeked out the window this morning it was all misty. Stepping outside I was expecting there to be a chill and was surprised by the almost balmy feel to the air. I harnessed up Brandy intent on getting my sorely neglected pooch back in shape. While I'm not advocating letting your dog get out of shape I must admit it was nice not having her pull my arm out of it's socket. We were on the BART trail....hence on leash....my least favorite type of run, even still better than no run at all.

I'm in hurry and I need to vote before heading into work.....get out there and do the same!

Peace Out!


runr53 said...

Saw your blog after a comment on Loubob's! Do you run with the Island City Runner's of Alameda? I used to when the Abraham Lincoln was stationed out there, late 80's early 90's, Run Good!

christine said...

hey runr53,
thanks for stopping by. nope, i've never run with those guy's....i've had some success running with others...not alot....but some. i'm an independant what can i say?

teacherwoman said...

Nice job on the run! Way to get out there and vote as well!