Saturday, January 13, 2007

dazed and confuzed

i know the past few posts i've been hemming and hawing on whether or not i'll be ready for the half mary on 2/4/07. to further undermine my decision it appears that i may have signed up for the wrong race. when i tried to confirm my registration my name was not to be found. i know i signed up some time in november and i've turned my house upsidedown trying to find the old statement and the printed confirmation page . wtf?

i am totally capable of finishing and it sort've pisses me off that i'm geting all hung up on how long finishing will actually entail. it's such bullshit . running makes me feel good and it's fun. but every so often the need to do well overshadows the fun, ya know?

right now my main concern is finding something to confirm that i signed up for this race. what did i actually sign up for? i'm not sweating the entrance fee but damn i am ticked at losing track of the confirmation form. i'll try looking for an old statement and work from there. am i pathetic or what?

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