Sunday, February 04, 2007

Pre-race S.F.Half Marathon

The alarmed sounded off at 5am. I leaped out of bed to get the coffee going. I can hear M stirring in her room and T is out like a light. I like to savour this pre-race alone time.

Today is just another long slow Sunday favorite kind.....except I'll just have alot more company.

M was cute lastnight as she cautioned me not to let the other runners force me to run too fast. I love that she knows that. I love that she's proud of her mama. I love that T is willing to haul me into the city at 6:30 am giving up several precious hours of sleep to support me.

I love that Mia loaned me her Garmin......knowing that I have a way of tracking my distance puts me at ease.....I'll be thinking of you running the same course when you were pregnant with Scotty getting choked up at the KP wellness messages......girl I get choked up too and I'm not even pregnant.

I have come a long way since my first 5k race. That little race taught me so much and I have been learning ever since. I will run my own race, I will be strong and when fatigue or pain sets in I will remember I've been there before and I will succeed.

13.1 here I come.

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Mia Goddess said...

Well??!!?? Only our vacation could keep me away (we just got back from DisneyLand last night!). I thought of you all weekend, and I'm dying to hear how it went! xoxo Mia