Sunday, February 11, 2007

Starting Over and Other News

went to the track today and started over with speed work. i'm straining to remember the apparent enthusiasm i had for it when speaking with mia awhile back.


i jogged 2 miles to warm up and then headed over to the track around foootball was too soggy in i switched over to the blacktop's shorter track. the 3rd lane all the way around was approximately .17 miles

there was a couple playing basketball and they had their vehicle parked across the "track" so i would (gratefully) slow down when i got to that part. i don't know if what i did was technically speedwork but any pace that leaves me gasping for air is speedwork in my book.

i kept altering the pace and the distance either running a full loop at 7-8 min pace then walking a full loop...sometimes i'd run half a loop then walk until i caught my breath before running again. it was all pretty random but a good workout. i was too pooped to jog the whole mile and half home!

i signed up for a race in Oct '07.

a BIG one

and it's far away.

i'm sure the magnitude of this decision has yet to set in but i have plenty of time to prepare.

any suggestions on how a bay area resident and first time marathoner should go about training for the Bizz Johnson Trail Marathon in Susanville, CA with an elevation factor of 4200 feet?


LouBob said...

Congradulations! I need to do this but I'm not going to.

Anne said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! My friends and I were going to sign up for Bizz Johnson but couldn't coordinate for this year. We're doing in in '08. I've asked about the elevation impact too and gotten different answers. Book your hotel now because Susanville ain't no San Francisco. The place fills up fast.