Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Spring

sometime today i need to run 8 miles.....the easter party preparations spilled over into training time and i did cut a few runs shorter. but hey, it's all about balance and you do what ya gotta do. i think i'm becoming a more mindful runner. i used to push too hard or just bail altogether when i felt crummy or tired. this attitude is so refreshing and it's really helping me see the big picture more clearly.

my neck pain seems to be bothering me's not completely gone yet but i found heat vs ice to be better along with the occasional ibuprofen.

the easter party went well and the best part as usual was the easter egg hunt with the kids. my two nephews and one niece (ages 8,6,and 4) are TERRIFIED of dogs (it's really kinda sad...imagine being a kid afraid of dogs...) poor Brandy had to stay cooped up in my bedroom for the party....i'll make it up to her by taking her with me running this afternoon. M is crashed out cold from all the whooping it up this past week and i agreed to let her stay home one more day but she's going to SCORE this afternoon!

Afternoon Delight

i'm not even going pretend that i was excited AT ALL about the prospect of running this afternoon. T and i arranged that he would get home around 1:40 so i could allow for travel time to and fro Tilden....i needed 2 hours to run a hilly 8 miler in Tilden and enough extra time to p/u M at SCORE afterwards.

even though i had an 8 miler on the schedule...i still found myself negotiating...."ok, we'll see how it goes. "it is afternoon and I DON'T DO afternoon runs", "it's gonna be hilly so maybe i'll cut it short" my legs felt like sludge and even though the final number was apparently up for debate i knew i couldn't deviate from the plan until after the first two miles.

the sun felt good on my face. the pale blue sky and steady breeze balanced things out nicely. around mile four i had to hop a locked cattle gate. on the turn around my stride loosened up and i started to think maybe i would get through this 8 miler afterall. the rest of the run ....while NOT easy...went pretty well. i even went a little further by the time i arrived back at my car.

8.78 mi 1:47:56

i suspect sooner rather than later Mia is going to want her Garmin back. it's completley endeared itself to me much the same way Nano did. i'd be interested to hear from anyone regarding the Garmin 305.....though secretely i want mia to sell me her 201 since she and eric are more technologically savvy/worthy of the higher end model. :)

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Mia Goddess said...

You are so funny! Keep it, it will be a long while before I'm "there"...I've been trying an experiment with running that I am *almost* ready to write about, and if it's working well (so far so good, knock wood, etc.) I won't be looking at times and distances for some time. WHEN I want it back, I'll give you plenty of heads up, and we can talk details then!

So sorry we missed you and M last week...why don't these districts coordinate spring break???